Online restaurant reviews are playing an important role in attracting new customers. Existing review websites give an overall rating and use lengthy reviews, written by people who claim they have visited those restaurants. Depending on glancing through tens or hundreds of reviews (that might not always be credible) isn’t a very effective strategy to bring those new customers. Restaurants pay high expenditure on marketing campaigns yet missing on using the most effective approach; credible feedback of their satisfied customers and leveraging their social network.

Ranggo is proposing a simple yet effective solution to this problem, while adding a consumer benefit spin to it. This one of a kind application gathers customer feedback right at their tables. They will rate the specific menu item they ate, in few clicks, using their smartphones and get
rewarded for their feedback. Unlike other available applications, the dish-specific database will not only provide consumers with credible data for their cravings, but will provide restaurants with affordable marketing through the social network. Ranggo creates a win-win situation for all
stakeholders, while collecting very valuable data and analytics.