We bring together different experiences and areas of expertise. We combine business and product development skills to create businesses based on strong products and products that can turn into strong businesses. We have a strong and open culture, where everybody is expected to be and act as an entrepreneur.


Our mission is to create winning and innovative technology-enabled companies that can significantly shape their respective industries.

We apply our Startup Process to build new businesses and along the way we partner with individuals who will become co-founders of the companies we start. Our main focus is on the early stage of a company, from the idea inception until a team is gathered around an initial product showing traction in the market.

Later on, we support our portfolio companies with capital and a range of services to ensure that management can concentrate on running the business.

We do not launch companies with an exit strategy. Our sole objective is to lead portfolio companies to sustainable, profitable growth, and when we are successful with this, we believe value creating exit opportunities emerge by themselves.

Building great companies is about finding the sweet spot at the intersection of business, development and design.

Executive Team

The Senior Executive Team

Adam ElDaba

Adam ElDaba is a young successful entrepreneur who has founded multiple startups in different sector. Adam is an athlete and used to play soccer professionally. Adam is currently responsible for all the operations in Middle-east

Mo. Shahin

Serial Entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience. Mo. is always innovative in bridging technology and market gaps to develop new products and features that define true competitive advantage