We Build Startups from the ground up

We partner with individuals who will become co-founders and ultimately CEOs of the businesses as well as build the technology from the ground up. We are not an incubator, nor a venture capital firm. We are simply a company that creates other startups. We take care of the technology and we mentor other entrepreneurs to build their startups.

Our Expertise

We know everything about tech startups

Market Research

Gather all the information about target markets or customers. It is a very important component of business strategy for new startups as well as existing businesses that want to expand in different markets.

Business Planning

We build business & financial plans. we will also help you find the best product market fit. We will work with you on your sales and marketing plans.

Product Development

We have our own technology development team that will build your MVP as well as your final product, not only that but we will maintain it and provide you with all the support to scale up.


User experience (UX) and Graphics Design is our priority when working on any project



Our Methodology for creating a startup

Idea generation

Generating ideas is about dreaming how things could and should be. We believe in businesses driven by technology and business model innovation.


Founding team is formed, many customer interviews are conducted, value proposition is found, minimally viable products are created. We prototype early and test assumptions in the market.


Build MVP, refinement of core features, initial user growth, metrics and analytics implementation, seed funding, first key hires, pivots (if necessary), first paying customers, product market fit.

Product Development

In this stage we work closely with the founding team to build the product


value proposition refined, user experienced overhauled, conversion funnel optimized, viral growth achieved, repeatable sales process and/or scalable customer acquisition channels found.


Large A Round, massive customer acquisition, back-end scalability improvements, first executive hires, process implementation, establishment of departments.

    Peter Basl
    CEO, Ranggo Inc.

    Softmills helped us launch our first startup in amazingly short period of time. They have the knowledge and experience not only on the technology side but also the business side.

    Mohamed Bahnass
    BorsaTweets, CEO

    Softmills is the company you need to approach when you have an idea, they will work with you on making it a reality.

Startups we've crafted and helped

These are some of the startups that we brought to life


Softmills is also a consulting and software development firm that design and develop innovative applications using best practices in business process analysis and modeling world-class technological expertise
We can help you with
  • Business analysis and software design
  • Website design and development
  • Mobile app development
  • Systems integration and middleware
  • Systems migration
  • Software re-engineering
User Experience (UX) 100%
Web Design & Development 100%
Mobile Apps 100%